Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sorry, Bill Cosby...

...but Runners World is my new authority on pudding. A few months ago, when I was recovering from my appendicitis, I ate a ton of Kozy Shack SimplyWell pudding. I love this pudding for its relatively short list of recognizable ingredients and its low Points on Weight Watchers. Still, as I was digging into what was probably my second container one day, I remember thinking "How hard could it be to make this from scratch? I need to look for a recipe."

I forgot all about my pudding-making ambition until a couple weeks ago, when the new issue of Runner's World arrived in the mail. I don't subscribe to Runners World for the recipes, but they do feature a surprising number of good ones. As I was flipping through, the above photo caught my eye. Lo and behold, there was a simple recipe for mocha-cinnamon pudding, and almost every ingredient was something I always have on hand. The only exception was chocolate milk, which I almost never buy because I have a hard time not drinking the entire container the day I bring it home.

So, this week, I added (the smallest possible container of) chocolate milk to my grocery list and made the pudding. It looks pretty good in that photo, but it tastes even better. SO GOOD! Even better, the recipe actually lived up to its promise of simplicity. The whole process (which included chopping up chocolate) only took about 15 minutes. The recipe says that it yields 5 servings, but the pudding is very rich, so I think it might stretch to 6 or 7. For you Weight Watchers people, the Points are 4-5 per serving (depending on the size), which isn't bad for such a good dessert.

So, make some pudding now and thank me later!

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